How does Vebimobe works?

Built-in optical sensors detect traffic signs along the road.
Vebimobe sends the captured data to our cloud and uses this data to f. e. create smart maps, build sustainable logistics routes,…

So, let’s take it step by step…

1. OEM sensor data for traffic sign information (TSI) database

  1. Built-in optical sensor detects traffic signs along the road
  2. TSI is captured in collaboration with Volvo Belux en R&D
  3. Ground-truth measurements are created with video
  4. Accuracy and reliability of sensors is benchmarked

Input for traffic sign information database Input for infrastructure maintenance

Mobiliteit en openbare werken

2. Transforming TSI to speed & sustainability maps using OpenLR

  1. Design a database model based on existing standards
  2. Map traffic sign point info onto existing street map
  3. Generate speed & sustainability information (point, line polygon)
  4. Transfer to other street maps using Open LR

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3. Traffic sign database for ITS

  • Use case 1: Sustainable logistics routing
  • Use case 2: Automated vehicles & HD maps
  • Use case 3: Smart infrastructure maintenance

Let us show you some use cases…

Use Case 1:sustainable logistics routing

  1. Provide sustainability map as a service for trucks & vans
  2. Integrate sustainability map in routing algoritms
  3. Allocate higher routing cost to low speed zones, built-up area’s, school zones, living streets
  4. Increase livability, safety and air quality of city centres

Use Case 2:automated vehicles & HD maps

  1. Provide speed map as a service for connected cars
  2. Car tracks location on street map and speed map
  3. Desired speed is calculated based on speed map
  4. Car automatically adjusts speed as a:
    • - comfort feature (ADAS)
    • - safety feature (ISA)

Use Case 3:smart infrastructure maintenance

  1. Investigate false negatives/positives for traffic sign detection
  2. Define critical factors for reliable traffic sign detection
  3. Generate guidelines for automation-ready infrastructure

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